Monday, November 26, 2007

My Wordpress Site

Yup, so that's word press. I made more than a few minor re-writes to some of the default theme and widget pages. Enough changes that I feel justified in putting PHP experience on my resume.

The inital installation was super easy, that famous "five minute install" was really amazing to experience. CrystalTech even had a tutorial. They could have put this part closer to the top though:
You may need to add the “index.php” file as a default start page for your site configuration. This can be achieved within the WebControlCenter within the IIS -> Default Pages menu.
The only thing I feel I'm missing on a WIMP vs LAMP configuration is the URL re-write feature.

would have been a lot better than:

But apparently there's no good way for a web hosting company that runs an IIS server to give their users a good way to implement this feature. If I'm wrong on that - I'd love to be corrected.

I got a new job working for RackSpace - they're a managed services hosting company, and the largest tech employer in San Antonio. I am actually pretty excited - I won't start until after the holidays. I'm going to be working with the managed services group, mainly setting up back-up policies on all their client's various hosted systems, filling restore requests, and generally troubleshooting any problems that come up. It's all good.

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