Saturday, June 30, 2007

Unclose last tab in Firefox , edubuntu and "stuff"

the keyboard shortcut ctrl-shift-t will "undo" the last tab close in FireFox 2.0 - oops!

You wouldn't know this about me. But I am a keyboard shortcut junky.

thanks home dood...

So, I'm rebuilding my sisters horribly virus infected PC this weekend. It's already a decent machine, 2Ghz Intel, 512MB RAM, 60GB IDE HD, DVD-RW. I'm going to back up all her data onto a seperate HD with a 40GB "stuff" partition. And install a dual boot windows XP and edubuntu on the other half.

I wish Windows users would just INSIST on separate system and storage partitions on their personal computers. Windows is too unstable, and it's to much work to back-up and restore their data (7GB of pictures, music and office documents on my sisters home computer). For me, I just put in a second hard-drive, copied the "usual places" over and ran a few searches for misc jpg's and m4p's and the like... but most folks simply can not recover their data if it's on a system partition that has been deeply compromised by a Trojan. Unless they have a "stuff" partition.

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