Friday, June 29, 2007

Nokia 770 To-Do List

So I'm going to set some goals for myself. Here's a list of things I would very much like to do to/on/with my Nokia 770. My first Internet Tablet I had named Nikki, like Nokia - but with the hottness. But I had to sell that little girl. So now I have Bilbo, the baddass. I'll update this post as I complete items on the list, and as much as possible link to tutorials of other's or my own.

Things to do to/on/with my Nokia 770

  • install screen capture tool (.install, proof) - 7/6
  • Connect to a couple wifi spots, learn the connection manager - 6/28
  • use it in a real life coffee shop, enjoy the attention - done, and at the movie/music store and many restaurants
  • Install DOOM and complete first level – incomplete
    • *(installed on 6/28, still trying to get used to touch screen controls)
  • Install xTerm and dig around the base linux file structure (screenshot)- 6/28
  • post "cat /proc/cpuinfo" on the blog - complete 7/6
  • Find a mellow organic green theme, barring that, build one (bg, theme)- 7/6
  • Install a SSH Server, use putty to login - 7/7 (tutorial)
  • scp file from linux box to Nokia - DONE
  • login as root - (howto)7/7
  • create new user - 7/9 complete
  • Install a VNC Server, use tightVNC to control device from PC - incomplete
  • connect it to some manner of bluetooth something - 7/27, connected to k1m
  • setup Email Client (gmail, - 6/28
  • copy some mp3's from my PC via usb cable - 6/28
  • transfer files to Nokia from my PC over bluetooth - complete 7/30
  • Install 1GB+ internal memory upgrade in this thing (may require kernel upgrade) - incomplete
  • get a bluetooth keyboard hooked up with this rig - incomplete
  • flash with latest firmware to restore to factory default - 12/19/07 (OS2007HE)
  • install decent weather applet - 7/9, link
  • install decent calender app - incomplete
  • chat with my friends on their aim & yahoo accounts (gaim or googleTalk?) - incomplete
  • Record some sound of some such via some manor of mic of sorts - 7/16 complete
  • make an internet call - incomplete
  • establish a vpn tunnel to at least one of the offices - incomplete
  • install netcat - scan a few ports on some random unsecured hotspot - incomplete
  • install UKTUBE, laugh at the people who just spent $500 on their iPhone – incomplete
  • install some sort of emulator, MAME or NES or Gameboy - complete 7/14
  • make post to this very blog, from my Nokia 770 - incomplete

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