Saturday, July 7, 2007

SSH on Nokia 770 Internet Tablet

So my apartment complex has free wifi out by the pool. Pretty nice. Got the password from the lady at the front desk and logged right in.

Now that I can becomeroot, I'm able to start doing some REAL work on this thing. Like install a SSH Client & Server. I've never heard of the project before, but I ended up installing the dropbear.

First you should add the maemo-hackers repository to your application manager:
  1. Open the Application Manager
  2. Click on the Application Manager Titlebar
  3. Select Tools->Application Catalogue
  4. Click NEW to add the repository
The catalogue entry for the repository should have the following settings:

Web Address:
Distribution: mistral
Components: main

Leave "Enabled" checked. After you hit ok a few times it should prompt to refresh list of packages. Do this and when you look at "all packages" you'll see quite a few more than you had before. Go ahead and choose to install dropbear-client.

Well isn't that fun - now you can use ssh to log-in to your favorite linux box... but the real trick is getting that ssh server running isn't it? Well, that's a little harder because you have to have root privileges to install the dropbear-server - but we HAVE root privilege


Close out of the application manager. Start up xterm. Gain root access.

enter the following command in xterm to install the dropbear-server
apt-get install dropbear-server

NOTE: you must have the repository already added into your application catalog

Now run ifconfig to check your ip, open putty or some other ssh client on another machine somewhere - and dig the log-in:

I also found this cool themeing app, it's java so you can run it just about anywhere. You can reskin your Nokia by editing just one jpg and using the java app to compile the .deb - then if you don't like it, you just uninstall it!

to-do list: updated

BTW, the default root password is rootme, and that ssh server is always on. You may want to change that root password like - right away...