Sunday, July 15, 2007

mame emulator on nokia 770

xmaeme is really impressive - but not that playable. There seems to be a hardware limitation that prevents the emulator engine from recognizing more than one button press at a time. And with all the hardware keys to the left of the display, people are generally forced to rotate the device 90deg, so the buttons are on the bottom. This way you can put both hands on the keys and still see. The image on the display can be rotated clockwise to compensate and make the game appear right side up - however I found some roms would not load with this option enabled.

From the xMaeme loader gui - when I checked "rotate clockwise" - many games would fail to load with the error message - "unable to load ROM"

Perhaps a role playing type game on the Nintendo emulator will be more fun.

Nevertheless, here's the project homepage:

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