Monday, July 30, 2007

Unlimited Wireless Internet Anywhere - Nokia 770 & Verizon EVDO DUN - $15/mo

This weekend - I got a new phone.
A white Verizon K1m:
First I had to add unlimited Mobile Web to my account for $15 extra a month, and then I had to enable DUN (tutorial) - but it was totally worth it:

(Update: 938352 was THE thread for this hack, do a search for the thread number in hofo EVERYONE referenced it, but for some reason it's gone now. Try this one)

Granted that test was performed standing still in the middle of an empty parking lot. But I'm getting 200 kbps pretty consistant, with bursts in the 300's and dips to the mid-100's. More than enough to listen to web radio or check my email - if not at the same time.

Wireless Internet Anywhere - it's like I'm in the future... or Japan.

Lot's of updating on the to-do list - plus I want to make a few posts about some of my mods to the KRZR and my experiences with the Verizon red UI. More to come soon!

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