Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Easy DD-WRT wireless bridge

So this is me connecting to a dd-wrt on the other side of the room - no wires

First you have to be able to connect to both routers on different ip's on the same subnet via wired connection.

primary gateway -
remote client bridge -

If you're all set up and rocking it with your primary gateway on - but you need to add this new device which defaults to the same ip into the mix....
Just log into your current device and change it's ip to .3 - then plug in the new router, navigate to it on .1 - change it .2 - go back to the original on .3 and put it back on .1

You *may* want to go ahead and disable DHCP on the remote client bridge while your in there, but only if you're not going to immediately configure wireless.

Remote client bridge ( wireless setup:

Step 1:
Wireless -> Basic Settings

Wireless Mode: Client Bridge
Wireless Network Name (SSID): "SSID of primary gateway / wireless AP"

click Apply

Step 2:
Wireless -> Wireless Security
configure wireless settings to match your primary gateway's wireless config

Apply changes

That's it, unplug your router and test the connection!

I *highly* recommend you START with 64bit/10 digit hex WEP. Go ahead and change your settings on the primary gateway / wireless AP if you have to. Once you have that working by all means upgrade to a higher security state. But, do your self a favor and start simple to make sure you have it working.


Anonymous said...

Tried it, doesn't work for me. Only difference is I'm using the WRT54G-0.24-VINT-voip firmware for my ver2 hardware.

clayg said...

Well, it supposed to work. Are you successfully able to connect to the primary wireless gateway wirelessly from another device (i.e. laptop)? Did you have problems with the directions - or did it just not work?

Anonymous said...

Doesnt work for me either. I tried your guide first, then a complete step by step guide with pictures... in the ddwrt settings it appears to connect to the wireless on my main router just fine, but alas... no computers connected to my bridge seem to access the internet.

Anonymous said...

Computers connected to the bridge should have static IP address !!
Main host DHCP doesn't work for them.

clayg said...

I don't know why you would have experienced that limitation in your environment.

I have an xbox 360 and a pc connected to the remote client bridge that both receive their ip via the dynamic host configuration protocol service running on the primary gateway.