Friday, November 30, 2007

c0072746 - Can not expand Public Folders in Exchange 2003

FINALLY!!! This has been bugging me for AGES!!!

There is TONS of errors that may crop up when you try to expand public folders in the Exchange System Manager (ESM). But I couldn't find much about MY error: c0072746

Exchange System Manager
An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.

Facility: Win32
ID no: c0072746
Exchange System Manager
I'm not really worried about the "error" - the public folders work FINE inside Outlook and OWA. My real concern was that I couldn't administrate the public folders through ESM - setting permissions and the like.

FINALLY I found a tool that will let me administrate them with out using ESM - PFDAVAdmin

Download it here
Run the .exe to extract the contents to a folder called PFDAVAdmin
Double click PFDAVAdmin.exe to start the GUI

From here you can change permissions on all your public folders, and correct problems such as no owner being defined. Once I fixed all the permissions errors, ESM was again able to administer the public folders - PRAISE JESUS!

Monday, November 26, 2007

My Wordpress Site

Yup, so that's word press. I made more than a few minor re-writes to some of the default theme and widget pages. Enough changes that I feel justified in putting PHP experience on my resume.

The inital installation was super easy, that famous "five minute install" was really amazing to experience. CrystalTech even had a tutorial. They could have put this part closer to the top though:
You may need to add the “index.php” file as a default start page for your site configuration. This can be achieved within the WebControlCenter within the IIS -> Default Pages menu.
The only thing I feel I'm missing on a WIMP vs LAMP configuration is the URL re-write feature.

would have been a lot better than:

But apparently there's no good way for a web hosting company that runs an IIS server to give their users a good way to implement this feature. If I'm wrong on that - I'd love to be corrected.

I got a new job working for RackSpace - they're a managed services hosting company, and the largest tech employer in San Antonio. I am actually pretty excited - I won't start until after the holidays. I'm going to be working with the managed services group, mainly setting up back-up policies on all their client's various hosted systems, filling restore requests, and generally troubleshooting any problems that come up. It's all good.