Friday, September 9, 2016

OpenStack for Operators

A mission is a strongly felt aim, ambition, or calling.

The OpenStack mission:

to produce the ubiquitous Open Source Cloud Computing platform that
enables building interoperable public and private clouds regardless of
size, by being simple to implement and massively scalable while serving
the cloud users’ needs

This is what I most strongly identify with OpenStack.

A value is one's judgment of what is important in life.

OpenStack states some values; which I think are also good:

Open Source - License; because IANAL
Open Design - Summits are fun; if you have a spec
Open Development - Patches welcome
Open Community - Let's talk; we're nice!

... the four opens are pretty great - but it's not what I feel called to
do - it's not what I'm about.  I just think that in order to build out
that ubiquitous platform; where the open source cloud is found
everywhere ... no one company can do that?  So we better have a good
strategy for a community if we're gunna do this thing.

And that's what I come to when I think about "what is OpenStack" - I
don't think about the software that OpenStack produces.  To me OpenStack
is a phenomenon - because I literally do not understand the cause or
explanation for why this thing took off like it did?

Maybe I think there's just a lot of hackers out there that all feel like
I do - that building this thing is important (to society?) - and that
they can make a meaningful contribution.

OpenStack is a system to organize the people committed to the mission.
The result is OpenStack software - not all of which is good - some of it
might not even be useful - but if it was done with a passion for the
mission and according to the values - we should be happy to call it

Or maybe it's the money.

Maybe it's the system to organize the profit-generating-organisms that
feed the hackers committed to the mission, the astroturf, the latch your
wagon^Wdriver-plugin onto it while it's hot, the cushy arm-chair
architect pontificate on the grand unified theory of exception logging,
the ego of the -2, the paycheck, the passport to hang with friends
around a whiteboard.

Meanwhile, in the real world, the market is happily shipping AWS so much
money Google and Microsoft can't mount a reasonable defense - Rackspace
is going to tap out and HP already gave up.

If we're still committed to the mission - we have got to focus on our

Nothing tells you more about what's important than working with real
deployments.  The people operating OpenStack software are the best
resource we have to cut through the junk and deal with what matters.

If you're not at least partially engaged with the delivery, deployment
and operation of OpenStack software I strongly recommend you have a talk
with your manager - or seek a different employer.

Listen to the operators.  Ignore everything else.  Ignore internal
organizational boundaries.  Ignore your direct manager.  Ignore the TC.
Ignore me.  Listen to the operators.

If they continue to deploy OpenStack's software - then OpenStack matters
- and we have to keep after the mission - if they do not continue to
deploy OpenStack software - then none of this matters.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

#NoBillNoBreak #StopTheStunt

See the problem is, the frequency of high profile mass shootings is too high - it's making people that would prefer not to carry weapons feel uncomfortable.  That and all the murder.

There is in no clear answer.  Smart legislation may help in some cases.  No Fly No Buy would not be perfect.  I think we should vote on it!?

Why is there always so much name calling on social media?  Wag of the finger to both sides!  Just stop doing that!?  Phew, solved that problem.

But, ugh, the FUD.

  • No one thinks smart regulations for firearms will solve murder.
  • I don't think a radical redefinition of the 2nd amendment is possible in my lifetime - Bernie didn't either.
  • Any broad support to legislate confiscation of legally obtained firearms would meet riots on a national level well before congress had a chance to shoot it down - I don't really see how people can honestly claim they think the government is going to "take their guns"?
And yet, every time guns enter the national stage - more Americans arm themselves?

We need to stop talking past each other.  Is there really no common ground?  No compromise?

Congress, do your job.  Get in there and debate it out - I know it's hard - people say stupid shit - seemingly refuse to listen to common sense.  But you're a professional.  You can show us how it's done!  Negotiate.  Find the best solution that you can get some agreement on and pass it!  Demonstrate progress!  Don't think about what sound byte will play best in the next news cycle - think about what is best for your constituents - not what is most likely to get you re-elected.  Then come November, show us someone who is good at their job.