Wednesday, June 22, 2016

#NoBillNoBreak #StopTheStunt

See the problem is, the frequency of high profile mass shootings is too high - it's making people that would prefer not to carry weapons feel uncomfortable.  That and all the murder.

There is in no clear answer.  Smart legislation may help in some cases.  No Fly No Buy would not be perfect.  I think we should vote on it!?

Why is there always so much name calling on social media?  Wag of the finger to both sides!  Just stop doing that!?  Phew, solved that problem.

But, ugh, the FUD.

  • No one thinks smart regulations for firearms will solve murder.
  • I don't think a radical redefinition of the 2nd amendment is possible in my lifetime - Bernie didn't either.
  • Any broad support to legislate confiscation of legally obtained firearms would meet riots on a national level well before congress had a chance to shoot it down - I don't really see how people can honestly claim they think the government is going to "take their guns"?
And yet, every time guns enter the national stage - more Americans arm themselves?

We need to stop talking past each other.  Is there really no common ground?  No compromise?

Congress, do your job.  Get in there and debate it out - I know it's hard - people say stupid shit - seemingly refuse to listen to common sense.  But you're a professional.  You can show us how it's done!  Negotiate.  Find the best solution that you can get some agreement on and pass it!  Demonstrate progress!  Don't think about what sound byte will play best in the next news cycle - think about what is best for your constituents - not what is most likely to get you re-elected.  Then come November, show us someone who is good at their job.

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