Monday, July 30, 2007

Unlimited Wireless Internet Anywhere - Nokia 770 & Verizon EVDO DUN - $15/mo

This weekend - I got a new phone.
A white Verizon K1m:
First I had to add unlimited Mobile Web to my account for $15 extra a month, and then I had to enable DUN (tutorial) - but it was totally worth it:

(Update: 938352 was THE thread for this hack, do a search for the thread number in hofo EVERYONE referenced it, but for some reason it's gone now. Try this one)

Granted that test was performed standing still in the middle of an empty parking lot. But I'm getting 200 kbps pretty consistant, with bursts in the 300's and dips to the mid-100's. More than enough to listen to web radio or check my email - if not at the same time.

Wireless Internet Anywhere - it's like I'm in the future... or Japan.

Lot's of updating on the to-do list - plus I want to make a few posts about some of my mods to the KRZR and my experiences with the Verizon red UI. More to come soon!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Is there a microphone on the Nokia 770?

I always kinda wondered since I picked one up. And having installed an audio recorder, I can now say with out a doubt - that the Nokia 770 does indeed have a built in mic.

You can record your own voice notes by installing maemo-reocrder.

To-do list - updated.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

mame emulator on nokia 770

xmaeme is really impressive - but not that playable. There seems to be a hardware limitation that prevents the emulator engine from recognizing more than one button press at a time. And with all the hardware keys to the left of the display, people are generally forced to rotate the device 90deg, so the buttons are on the bottom. This way you can put both hands on the keys and still see. The image on the display can be rotated clockwise to compensate and make the game appear right side up - however I found some roms would not load with this option enabled.

From the xMaeme loader gui - when I checked "rotate clockwise" - many games would fail to load with the error message - "unable to load ROM"

Perhaps a role playing type game on the Nintendo emulator will be more fun.

Nevertheless, here's the project homepage:

Monday, July 9, 2007

Adding users and Shadow Password

So the Nokia 770 does have the "adduser" script. I tried:
adduser clayg

Everything looked like a normal debian adduser script, full name, room number etc. But it didn't work quite right.

When I tried to log-in with my new user from putty it booted me right back out. So I tried switching users from the console.
su clayg

It told me stright away /bin/bash doesn't exist. Hince the whole "busybox" thing every time I log-in. I'm not running the bourne-again shell!

I headed to /etc/passwd to investigate and guess what - the password file on the Nokia 770 is NOT SHADOWED.

To create the /etc/shadow file and remove the encrypted passwords from the world readable file /etc/passwd issue the command:

This command will create the file /etc/shadow (which is only readable by root) and use that to store all the user's encrypted passwords.

Now, if you look at the last line in /etc/passwd you should see something like this:
clayg:x:1000:1000:Clay Gerrard,,,:/home/clayg:/bin/bash

It's the last bit that's causing problems. The last field is the shell to invoke when the user logs in, and if you check under /bin - bash really isn't there...

I referenced the entries for root and user as an example, and changed the last field from /bin/bash to /bin/sh

I guess I could have just installed bash...

Weather Applet & Video Converter

If you planning on watching video's on your Nokia 770 you're going to want this little java application to convert your standard mpg's and avi's to Nokia 770 compatible resolution and framerate:

Saturday, July 7, 2007

SSH on Nokia 770 Internet Tablet

So my apartment complex has free wifi out by the pool. Pretty nice. Got the password from the lady at the front desk and logged right in.

Now that I can becomeroot, I'm able to start doing some REAL work on this thing. Like install a SSH Client & Server. I've never heard of the project before, but I ended up installing the dropbear.

First you should add the maemo-hackers repository to your application manager:
  1. Open the Application Manager
  2. Click on the Application Manager Titlebar
  3. Select Tools->Application Catalogue
  4. Click NEW to add the repository
The catalogue entry for the repository should have the following settings:

Web Address:
Distribution: mistral
Components: main

Leave "Enabled" checked. After you hit ok a few times it should prompt to refresh list of packages. Do this and when you look at "all packages" you'll see quite a few more than you had before. Go ahead and choose to install dropbear-client.

Well isn't that fun - now you can use ssh to log-in to your favorite linux box... but the real trick is getting that ssh server running isn't it? Well, that's a little harder because you have to have root privileges to install the dropbear-server - but we HAVE root privilege


Close out of the application manager. Start up xterm. Gain root access.

enter the following command in xterm to install the dropbear-server
apt-get install dropbear-server

NOTE: you must have the repository already added into your application catalog

Now run ifconfig to check your ip, open putty or some other ssh client on another machine somewhere - and dig the log-in:

I also found this cool themeing app, it's java so you can run it just about anywhere. You can reskin your Nokia by editing just one jpg and using the java app to compile the .deb - then if you don't like it, you just uninstall it!

to-do list: updated

BTW, the default root password is rootme, and that ssh server is always on. You may want to change that root password like - right away...

Friday, July 6, 2007

Gain Root Access to Nokia 770

First you'll want to download the "becomeroot" package. I found a copy on the Polish Eko1 repository.

After you nab a copy of becomeroot_0.1-2_armel.deb, you can install it by using the "install from file" option in the application manager.

Then you can open up xTerm. You did install xTerm right?

The command "sudo gainroot" will open a root shell.


got xTerm up and running, it's definitely a debian based linux. The media card is mounted at /media/mmc1

Nokia 770 CPU info & Disk Info

cat /proc/cpuinfo

Processor : ARM926EJ-Sid(wb) rev 3 (v5l)
BogoMIPS : 125.76
Features : swp half thumb fastmult edsp java
CPU implementer : 0x41
CPU architecture: 5TEJ
CPU variant : 0x0
CPU part : 0x926
CPU revision : 3
Cache type : write-back
Cache clean : cp15 c7 ops
Cache lockdown : format C
Cache format : Harvard
I size : 32768
I assoc : 4
I line length : 32
I sets : 256
D size : 16384
D assoc : 4
D line length : 32
D sets : 128

Hardware : Nokia 770
Revision : 17100016
Serial : 033302008b5f702f

df -h

Filesystem Size Used Available Use% Mounted on

  • /dev/mtdblock4 2.0M 2.0M 0 100% /mnt/initfs
  • none 512.0k 64.0k 448.0k 13% /mnt/initfs/tmp
  • /dev/mtdblock4 123.5M 62.3M 61.2M 50% /
  • none 512.0k 64.0k 448.0k 13% /tmp
  • none 1.0M 44.0k 980.0k 4% /dev

todo list - updated

Thursday, July 5, 2007


I uploaded this to flickr from Bilbo, that's what i'm calling it... Bilbo.

Nokia 770 Internet Tablet back in hand!

Finally, after a week of waiting - I just got stock in today.

Naturally, I've updated the to-do list:

Worth noting the screen shot app mh-shot-tool and this slightly cool screenshot.