Monday, August 2, 2010

Commits to Redisco

So this is kinda cool, my first pull request on github was accepted:
test, fix

Redisco, is a neat project:

Redisco allows you to store objects in Redis. It is inspired by the Ruby library Ohm and its design and code are loosely based on Ohm and the Django ORM. It is built on top of redis-py. It includes container classes that allow easier access to Redis sets, lists, and sorted sets.
I'm excited about using redisco in a project I'm working on for work that has a django/jQuery front end and celery/redis-server back end.  Redisco itself is a pretty new project (initial commit May 13, 2010 ) but I think it serves and important niche, allowing a lower barrier of entry to projects that want to move away from a RDMS data-store and get their first taste of NoSQL.  Plus, the author was quick to help me fix problems that were effecting ME.

In fact, you can check it out right now - my bug fixes are already available on PyPI:
$ pip install redisco
Downloading/unpacking redisco
  Downloading redisco-0.1.1.tar.gz
  Running egg_info for package redisco
Installing collected packages: redisco
  Running install for redisco
Successfully installed redisco